EU VAT Expert degree (2016-2017)

Starting June 2016!!!

There is an increasing demand for well-trained VAT specialists to fill the positions of VAT managers or VAT directors in multinational companies.
Their task mainly consists of co-ordinating VAT questions at European level, and answering those questions where possible.

Because there is no appropriate degree programme available at European universities, the management team of VAT Forum CV decided to meet this need themselves and so they organised the Expert in European VAT degree for the first time in 2004.

In the context of the ‘International School for Indirect Taxation,’ a bi-annual programme is run, which can lead to an ‘Expert in European VAT’ degree after completing 204 course hours and passing the necessary exams.

The course exists of the following main modules:

  • Directive 2006/112/EC module (60 hours)
  • EC court cases module (30 hours)
  • “Doing business in…” module (60 hours)
  • Topics module (30 hours)
  • International School on Indirect Taxation 2017 (24 hours)

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This degree programme is open to people with at least one year of previous work experience with VAT, and to graduates who have successfully completed a basic course in VAT lasting at least 30 course hours. A good knowledge of English is required.

Classes are held in English and mainly take place in Brussels (at The VAT House in Strombeek-Bever), but also, for example, in Barcelona. Examinations will be held at the end of August 2017 or the beginning of September 2017. In order to participate in the exam, at least 150 hours of the course must have been attended before the exam takes place.
The complete course package comes to a total of 35 days of training, organised in weekly sessions. Each participant also has to write an article on a certain subject. After the course and the examinations, successful participants receive a certificate.

Since the trainers themselves come from the business community, there will be special emphasis on a practical approach and on the formalities particular to this subject.

Prof. Patrick Wille and Isabelle Desmeytere are the professional and academic co-ordinator of the course. Mrs Hilde Vandenborre is responsible for organisational matters.
Trainers from different countries, with international experience, have been selected to ensure a unique VAT degree programme.