discussion groups
Members can ask VAT Forum to set up a discussion group on a particular subject that is a current problem. When VAT Forum receives an application from a member to set up a discussion group, VAT Forum will contact all its members to find out whether any are interested in debating the subject. If so, VAT Forum will ensure that these people are brought together. The subject to be discussed can be a national or international matter. The discussion group will be chaired by a partner or associate of VAT Forum who is an expert in the subject on hand.

The participating members will discuss the subject in depth, in order to come to a solution or proposal. If necessary, VAT Forum will lobby to have the proposal or solution implemented by the relevant tax authority.

Existing subjects for discussion groups are:

  • Keeping records and accounts. This is a national issue. In some countries, legislation requires records to be retained for a very long period of time, which causes substantial problems for a lot of companies.
  • Electronic invoicing. This is an international issue. Some countries do have some legislation, others do not. Still, having legislation is not enough: there should be uniformity in the legislation between different countries, as most companies trade across borders.