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Our goals

VAT Forum will gather, manage and distribute information on indirect taxation from around the world. The partners and associates will gather the information. These experts will follow up changes in matters of indirect taxation in their own country and provide VAT Forum with this information. Although there is a large amount of information on VAT available world-wide, it is not easily accessible to those wishing to consult it, because it has never been properly organised. VAT Forum will manage this information, making it accessible to the people who need it. Since VAT Forum organises discussion groups, it will also publicise the outcome of these discussions. The information will be distributed to its members by various means as soon as it is available. One way of distributing information will be through the weekly international newsletter. This newsletter gives an overview of changes and innovations in indirect tax legislation in Europe and the rest of the world and is sent to members by e-mail. Fast distribution is a priority, because for most companies indirect taxation is a very important issue. VAT and customs legislation is very complex. Some companies are already aware of this, others are not. VAT Forum intends to provide assistance to those of its members who are not yet familiar with international VAT and customs legislation to help them understand its complexity and to develop certain basic skills. For those who already have considerable experience with indirect taxation, VAT Forum will organise events to perfect their skills.

VAT Forum will also be active in the field of research into indirect taxation, because this is necessary to manage large projects. In most cases, research is the basis for further discussion, conferences and lobbying.

National VAT authorities, the European Commission and other international legislative institutions are often not aware that some rules create immense problems, complexities, and inconsistencies for companies. Therefore VAT Forum will make proposals to these institutions that they simplify these rules, so as to reduce the uncertainty and problems companies are confronted with concerning indirect taxation. Indeed, this may contribute to making some countries, or even Europe as a whole, more investor-friendly.

VAT Forum board

President: Patrick Wille
Managing Director: Isabelle Desmeytere
Director: Regine Schluckebier
Director: Morten Stegard