Jan Kaucký
RNDr J. Kaucký
Prazska 249
252 29 Dobrichovice, District Prague - West
Czech Republic

(private address: Malesicka 31, 130 00 Praha 3 )

tel: +420 271 773 766
fax: +420 271 773 766
mobile: +420 604 221 067

Jan Kaucký focuses on providing VAT, customs and excise tax solutions for both domestic and international clients in Central Europe.

During his 18 years professional career he has developed considerable expertise in the above areas and nowadays he is an internationally recognized and highly regarded specialist. He provides professional advice on VAT planning techniques for international trade with goods and services and for companies with partial recovery of input VAT, on creative customs planning techniques for manufacturers, importers and exporters, AEO advisory, and on excise tax issues. He is specialized namely in cross-border operations with goods and services.

Jan Kaucký also provides these services:

  • Registration of foreign companies for Czech VAT.
  • Refund of Czech VAT for non-established businesses.
  • Czech VAT compliance services.

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